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EOL has undertaken an inventory of organisms of immediate commercial, cultural or conservational interest to humans. We will prioritize content acquisition for these taxa in order to better serve the majority of our users, by ensuring there is content on the pages they are likeliest to visit. The HotList contains approximately 75 000 organisms, and is intended to include every taxon of interest to any audience. If you have an organism in mind that you think should be included, you are, by definition, correct! The list will be indexed shortly on In the meantime, if you're curious, you're welcome to take a look at the raw text file, and search it for your favorite species name!

The list is very much a work in progress. We have assembled it largely from other lists suggested by colleagues, and we are still searching for additional sources. If you're curious about that process, check out our notes under Hotlist Research .

Current Hotlist - This is a cleaned version of the spring 2011 hotlist, with page id's supplied by Patrick.

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  1. I would suggest that named hybrid forms have a legitimate place on the list--but you have probably not removed those in your hybrid removal.